Wow, I have a niche!

I really excited! I have a niche! I discovered this wonderful fact while doing some analysis of my business practices to try to figure out how to improve my cash flow. I dislike doing “business stuff” and usually don’t much care for the answers I...

I want to say “Thank you”

I want to publicly thank all my clients who were patient and stuck with me while I was having such trouble with my computers. Not all of them did, I lost one long-time client, and was sorry to see them go. But every single one of my other clients stood by me and were...

When you don’t have a topic

I admit it – I am at a loss for a topic i feel like writing about. I think this must be where the “challenge” part if the #31daybloggingchallenge comes in.

So I browsed around the web for some inspiration, Googling “What should I write about in my blog”.