I want to publicly thank all my clients who were patient and stuck with me while I was having such trouble with my computers.

Not all of them did, I lost one long-time client, and was sorry to see them go.

But every single one of my other clients stood by me and were uniformly patient and supportive.

I am told that this is not the norm – in fact I have clients who came to me because they lost patience with their first developer, for any number of reasons, the primary one being lack of communication.

I think this may be why my people have stayed with me. I tried very hard to keep them updated as to the situation; when the first round of repairs did not work after a few days I let them know I would be offline for a bit. Of course I tried to do what I could on my laptop, but since most of the files were on the desktop computer and unavailable, I was pretty much stuck.

They understood. They were not happy about it, and they did let me know it, but they stayed with me, and for that I am grateful.

So to my clients, I want to say as publicly as possible –