I’ve been told recently that I don’t post often enough (true), that my topics are inconsistent (uhrm…possibly true), that my posts are sometimes too long (too long for the reader, maybe; not too long for the subject matter!), and sometimes too short (why keep writing when you’ve said what you want to?), and that my posting schedule is not really a schedule at all (undeniably true).

Now that I’m committed to the 31-day blogging challenge, I am trying to put together a list of topics, and it’s proving harder to do than I thought it would be. I usually try to find topics that are ways to share what I know (and yes, to promote my own business as well). But I have generally stayed within the bounds of what I already know. Granted, my knowledge increases with experience, but why limit myself to what I already know?

So I’m going to start to go outside my comfort zone, and choose some topics that will force me to expand my knowledge, and hopefully provide at least a starting point for my readers to do so as well.

I’m wondering what the topic for tomorrow will be – got suggestions? Leave a comment!