Most designers are familiar with the “pick two” rule.  It goes like this: “Good. Fast. Cheap. Pick two.”

This is a decision I have had to make many times in my life, and one that is always difficult to make. I want quality, but I also want it NOW.

Lately I have been meeting with clients who seem to think this is the only choice they have when it comes to their website. Luckily, due to the wonders of WordPress, that is not actually true.

WordPress is a wonderfully scalable platform – you can start out with the most basic and inexpensive of sites, more or less an online brochure, and expand as and when you can afford to spend the money or the time.  Your options are almost limitless – there’s even a whole e-commerce option now available for WordPress!

In the diagram you will see how the three elements of the rule interact. And the space in the middle where you can have all three? Well, that comes with flying unicorns and glitter as well. Or WordPress.

Unicorns and glitter are fun, but not very useful in today’s business world. But WordPress can get your message out to your target market with a professional website that won’t kill your pocketbook and can grow with your business. You choose.

If you choose the unicorns, can I come over to play?

But if you choose WordPress? Get in touch with me and let’s talk about your website!