This is an exciting time to be online, in any capacity, and if you are thinking about stepping into the world of e-commerce, now’s the time!
Just as the local area where I live and work is growing by leaps and bounds, so is the Canadian e-commerce market.

Keith Anderson, Vice President & Senior Analyst, Retail Net Group, predicts that:

  • Ecommerce will grow to 10% of all Canadian retail by 2020
  • Stores (units) and average store size will decline by 5-15%
  • Digitally-influenced retail will surpass out-of-store retail
  • Grocery/CPG will finally migrate online
  • Amazon will expand, but the story’s not over

Even Canada Post recognizes the fact; according to Rod Hart, Canada Post’s general manager for domestic parcels, ” The Post has gone from being a company that manages “mail with some parcels, to [one that manages] parcels with some mail.”

E-commerce in Canada is on a huge growth curve and now is the perfect time to develop an e-commerce strategy for your business. Check out this infographic from Nextopia.