Is it just me, or do the holidays seem to hurtle towards us faster every year?

I look up and here it is – more than a week into December, I’ve been busier than a one-armed paper hanger,  and yet nothing is finished!  My Christmas lights are not up, my house is not decorated, no gifts have been wrapped – heck, most have not even been bought or made yet! The words to one of my favourite Simon and Garfunkel songs keep running through my mind; “Slow down, you move too fast…”

Where does the time go? For me this year, it has been spent working on a couple of fairly big projects, updating my own site, helping my daughter move back in to the house (how she thought we could fit the entire contents of her apartment into one room in the basement is beyond me…) and winterizing the gardens, all while recovering from a nasty kick given to me by a horse at the end of November. And now I’ve taken on this blogging challenge, as well as setting a fitness goal for myself – glutton for punishment much?

I haven’t been idle – I’ve gotten a little done on a lot of things, but everything is in a state of “halfway there”, and nothing is finished! I have to get a grip and start prioritizing – I aim to get both of my clients’ projects finished and my house in order by 15th of the month, leaving me 10 days to decorate, bake, wrap, and enjoy the holiday season without pressure, and with my family.

If that actually transpires, I will be convinced that Christmas miracles really do happen!