I’m often tempted to keep tweaking my site – but mostly what I do is just play around with the styling. I am a terrible procrastinator when it comes to keeping my blog updated with fresh content!

I know myself well enough to know that making a commitment to someone else is the best way to ensure that I do something. I have a friend I ride with and honestly, in the wintertime, meeting her at the barn is the ONLY thing that can get me out of the house some days!

I needed a push to get me started creating a habit of blogging more often. After all, how hard can it be – I don’t have to brave the weather to do it! So when I saw that one of my clients, Bubbles’ Menagerie, had joined the “31 days of blogging” challenge” issued by Cheryl of Muppin.com , I decided to take a look and see if that could be the impetus I need to get started.

So I checked out the challenge (and Cheryl’s whole website – very nice!) and wrote a comment asking if it would be OK if I joined in. I was answered right away with a warm “Of course you can!”.

So for the next 31 days I am committed to posting on a daily basis – for the entire month of December! Since this includes the Christmas season, I will have a chance to practice writing ahead of time and scheduling my posts to appear on the appropriate days. This is something I advocate to all my clients, so it’s time I started practicing what I preach!

So keep watching, and see how I’m doing as the month progresses. And please feel free to comment!