I browse the web every day, looking for inspiration, looking for examples of great design, so that I can learn and expand the skills I offer to my clients. In  my travels online I came across this article, and I’m glad I did – it reminded me of something.

I have formal training in design, and in web technologies. I try to combine those with my life experience and the clients’ requests to provide functional websites with good design. But what is good design? Maybe it’s the part of design that we don’t see.

Design is generally defined as is the process and art of combining text and graphics and communicating an effective message. But design, as it applies to what I do every day, is in many ways secondary to the experience. This is not a situation unique to the web, but it behooves us as web designers to remember it each time we start a new project.

Read the article, the author (Jared M.Spool) states the case clearly, with insight, and with real-life examples.