Hi – My name is M.A. Bell. I am the owner of Digital Insite.

I have an eclectic background in formal post-secondary education, starting with two-years of C.E.G.E.P. (in Quebec, the equivalent of college in the US) in a Liberal Arts program, followed years later by Visual Arts at Holland College in P.E.I., and later still, by Fine Arts at Queen’s University in Ontario, and finally another stint at C.E.G.E.P. in a very intensive program in Web Programming.

All this formal education was interspersed by the rest of my life, including , but not limited to, stints as a horseback riding instructor, a stable manager, a motorcycle mechanic, an instructor for the Canadian Safety Council Motorcycle Training course, the owner/operator of an organic market garden, a bookseller, an office administrator in a fertilizer production facility, and a perpetual volunteer in the computer labs of whatever school my daughter was attending, wherever we lived.

This combination of formal design training, programming, widely varying work experiences, entrepreneurship, and a love of change and challenge have put me in a unique position to combine the concepts of design and function. This enables me to lead our team in the creation of well-designed, visually appealing websites, which are at the same time uniquely targeted, user-friendly, and precisely functional.

This is, for me, more than a job – it is a passion.