OK – so this 30-day blogging challenge is posing a real problem for  me. I usually spend some time over 3 or 4 days researching my topics and then spend an hour or so writing each one.

You may have noticed that, since the beginning of this challenge, my posts are not as in-depth as in the past. That’s because I have clients, whose websites require that I work on them daily, and that leaves very little time for research or writing a blog post every day.

Coming up with topics is a challenge in and of itself. I usually get my ideas during conversations with clients or friends – questions they ask or comments they make that spur me to want to explain things. But i am spending all  my time at my desk, working and trying to write, with little input from anyone.

So help me out, will ya? Comment on this post and suggest topics for me – I promise I’ll do my best to write about ’em!