Recently, a client asked me to take over handling his social media accounts, to help promote his business and website. Now, this is not something I do, as a rule – I manage my own, of course, but I don’t really pay that much attention to it. I have a friend who does Social Media for a living – she is a whiz and her clients are all very enthusiastic about her results.

That got me thinking – why does it take me so long to manage my social media? How do I even know it’s getting to the people I want to see it? I see articles online offering me tips on how to manage it in just 15 minutes a day, or 45 minutes a week, or whatever. But when I read them they are full of generic advice; set a schedule and stick to it, use an app that will allow you to stay organized, etc, etc. I appreciate what these authors are saying, but I need specifics.

So of course I started researching, and I found this article, which has very specific details on what to do to make an audit of your Social Media program, with step-by-step instructions and examples. Just what I needed, a perfect first step on my path to efficient and effective Social Media engagement.

If you want to really understand how your Social Media efforts are working (or not) I highly recommend you go and read it.

In upcoming articles I’ll be outlining what I’m doing, how and why I’m doing it, and we’ll see if my Social Media presence helps me meet the goals I have set for myself.