Totally off the topic of anything techy – do you ever buy gifts long before the event and then forget where you have hidden them?

This happens to me way too often. Just last month I was at PopExpo Ottawa and bought a Christmas gift for my daughter – I put it away somewhere safe and now I want to wrap it – but can I find it? No, nope, not a chance.

She was smarter than me – she bought me my gift on the spot, and since I had to be part of the gift (got my photo taken with William Shatner!) she¬†pretty much had to give it to me then and there. Sure saved the hassle of remembering where you put it…

I do have other things for her this year (although it’s going to be a pretty lean year, what with the economy and all) but I’d sure like to find that in time to give it to her Christmas morning.