So it finally snowed. And I have lost all motivation to do anything at all.

I was doing OK through most of December, right up until the 29th, when it snowed. And snowed. And snowed.

I could deal with the grey days. I could deal with the cold, cold rain. I could even deal with having to fill a couple of buckets to wash off my horse’s feet every time he came in from the quagmire of mud that was his paddock.

I went shopping for Christmas gifts and food, I went out and played with the dogs in the yard, I even went out and did some very belated cleanup in the yard and gardens. But the photo above is what my garden looks like now. 🙁 Some would say it is beautiful – I say it just looks like it’s going to be a long time until Spring.



But since it snowed, all I want to do is stay inside. I did go out once, to knock the snow off the roof of the Tempo (Montrealers know what I mean when I say “Tempo” – for you others, here’s a photo:)




It’s important to do that, because although the Tempo keeps the snow off the cars, that snow still needs to go somewhere, and if it accumulates it can get heavy enough that “somewhere” can become “down” pretty quickly.


I have always disliked winter – for me there is no such thing as a Winter Wonderland if I have to actually go out in it. I sit inside, wrapped in sweaters and wearing heavy socks, and look longingly at the photos my sister emails me of New Year’s Eve playing with her dogs in the surf in the Bahamas.

I would much rather it be the other way around, and it makes me grumpy.