My computer, that’s what the title of this post is all about. You may remember my post of March 26th, about the start of my computer troubles. Well, as I said, that was just the start. I kept having glitches, data unavailable, internal error messages – I was going crazy!! So I called in the Big Gun – Alex Nifakis of EveryTek. He finally got to the real reason for all the gremlins which had taken up residence in my machine – faulty memory!! He not only found the problem, he had some very creative suggestions about how to get my computer up and running even better than when it was new!!

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So now my computer is finally fixed – it really didn’t take long at all once the correct diagnosis was made. And the rebuild was very affordable, and has had awesome results! It went from 16 to 24G RAM, and now everything loads superfast and smooth – I can have Photoshop, Notepad++, Outlook, Excel, Word, all open at once on one screen, and on my other screen, IE, Safari. Firefox , and Chrome (with about 32 tabs open 🙂 ), and everythinhg runs beautifully! Alex also helped me set up to prevent any future loss of data – I now have a 2 Terabyte internal hard drive, an external 2T exclusively for backups, another 1 T for archived sites. I can’t emphasize too much how important having a backup is – rebuilding client files for a period of more than 3 months is a chore I would wish on no-one! And last but by no means least, every wireless device in my house is running on a single seamless network; the wireless printer/scanner/fax, the family’s 3 laptops, my iPad and Asus tablet, Emily’s Chromebook, and the Chromecast, both TV’s and everyone’s cellphone are all networked and functioning properly. Holy smokes! I feel like I can really dig in and get caught up with the work that got set aside, and take on new clients with confidence. Thanks, Alex – you ROCK!!