I’m delighted to announce that Digital Insite’s Blog has been entered in the MIB awards for 2014, in both the Business and the Technology categories!

This is very exciting! To quote the MIB site:

This contest’s aim is to showcase the best Canadian blogs of the year in every predefined category. The MiB Awards also provide a unique opportunity to create an event surrounding the Canadian blogosphere and to thank all its participants.

When Made in Blog began, the main goal was to develop better relationships between brands and Canadian bloggers, all while making sure bloggers received greater visibility and recognition for their talent. Now the MiB Awards have established themselves in the digital landscape.

The MiB Awards therefore represent the culmination of many months of work and especially the desire to promote Canadian bloggers in all categories.”

If you’d like to read about the panel of judges for this award, you can CLICK HERE – this link will take you to the MIB site where you can find out not only about the judges, but more detail about the whole award process.

I hope that if you have enjoyed anything that you have read here, that you will go and vote for the blog.


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You can vote in both categories if you wish.