Now what??

    Your site is completed

          Where do you go from here?

I’ll train you.


Whether you own a business or work for one, being able to use the Internet effectively is critical.

I can help you understand how to really use the web to your advantage.

The more you know about how the web works, the easier it will be for you to make important decisions not only about your website, but about how to use the Internet to your best advantage in every facet of your business.

I am available for training sessions either one-on-one or in groups, to give you and your staff the knowledge you’ll need to succeed.

Understanding leads to clear communication, which is key to good business relationships. The more you understand, the better I can do the job for you.

That’s the best kind of win-win situation.

14 Training just for you

You need to be in charge of your own site. And I will show you how you can be.

It’s not as hard as you think and you don’t need to know how to write a single line of code!

14 Direct Editing

With the customized front-end editor, you can edit your site right in the browser – without knowing a single line of code! It also enables you to update and edit from anywhere with internet acces – a valuable asset when you’re traveling for business.

14 Take charge of email

Having domain-based email just makes sense – it’s way more professional.

Now you can manage your e-mail, set up new accounts, sort, add users.
All by yourself.

14 Multiple Access Levels

Don’t have the time to do it all yourself? That’s OK. With multiple access levels you stay in charge, while delegating various maintenance tasks to your employees. All within a secure environment that limits their access to just what they need to do the job.

14 Workflow

Interactive editorial calendars built right in to the site means that you can keep track of, and schedule ahead, every update and change to the site, whether it’s your own or that of your staff. Keeping ahead of deadlines has never been easier.

Basic Website starts at:   $1800 for up to 5 pages
Includes: responsive design / front page slider / blog / working contact form / basic SEO / up to 3 email addresses

Let’s get started today.