Choose the perfect package for your site.

The prices on this page are meant only as a guide to the costs associated with building a website.

Since the details of every project are unique, each project will be individually estimated for final pricing.

Basic Site (up to 5 pages)

$1800and up
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  • responsive design
  • front page slider
  • working contact form
  • basic SEO
  • up to 3 email addresses
  • blog
  • widgetized
  • Google Analytics
  • 2 hours admin training
  • 30 days free telephone support

Business Site (6-10 pages)

$2400and up
  • >>   FEATURES   <<
  • responsive design
  • front page slider
  • working contact form
  • basic SEO
  • up to 5 email addresses
  • blog
  • 7 essential plugins
  • widgetized
  • photo gallery
  • Google Analytics
  • 3 hours admin training
  • 60 days free telephone support

E-commerce Site

$5500and up
  • >>   FEATURES   <<
  • responsive design
  • store setup
    Set the store details: Languages, etc.
  • country setup
    Set the store to the country in which the home office resides
  • currency setup
    up to three currencies
  • up to 10 category pages
    more than 10 at $35 each
  • first 10 products installed
    more than 10 products at $25 each
  • up to 3 images per product
    more than 3 images at $5 each
  • product search and sorting
  • up to 5 non-product pages
    Internal standalone pages such as "About Me" , "Other Services", etc. , with no products
  • customer account login
  • working contact form
  • up to 10 email addresses
  • basic SEO
  • 2 hours free updates in the first month
    For existing categories and products only - does not include
  • 4 hours admin training
    additional hours available at $50/hour
  • 60 days free telephone support
    consecutive days, from launch of site

Every package includes

Responsive design

Laptop, tablet, smartphone – mobile browsing is ever on the increase.

Ensure that your site will look great no matter what device is being used!

Admin Access

You’ll have a password-protected dashboard where you’ll be able to maintain and update your site without knowing a single line of code!

Basic SEO

What’s the point of having a website that nobody can find?

Use specifically designed content to get a jump on having your site show up in Google!

Optional Add-ons

Appointment booking

Automate and streamline your appointment booking.

Show site visitors exactly what times are available to them and allow clients to request an appointment even when you’re not in the office.

You can approve each appointment as it comes in, or create an autoresponse for those times when you’re not in.

Events Calendar

Let everyone know when you have special events coming up.

You can color-code events, and add details in a box when the cursor passes over the event!

You can cross-post the events to your Social Media to spread the word, and link back to your website!

Email Lists

Why have an email list?

Social media channels are great for outreach. Next step would be to bring the people you reach there to your email list.

Mailing lists give you more control over your communications.

Advanced SEO

Basic SEO is included with each site that I create.

But if you want to go further and increase your chances of ranking in Google, advanced SEO can help with that.

Social Media design

Want to stand out on Facebook, Twitter, etc.?

Use specifically designed pages to coordinate with your website design, and lead more visitors to your site.

Custom 404 page

OK, it happens. Typos, moved links – whatever. Every once in a while a page can’t be found.
Lead your visitors back to your site with a memorable and user-friendly 404 Error page.

As one of your clients who works entirely out of cash flow, I’m finding your payment model EXTREMELY useful and supportive.

As a retired financial advisor, I will add that paying over time for an asset that will well outlast that period of time is not an expense but an investment and should be recorded as such on the balance sheet.

Very happy working with Digital Insite. Can you tell?

Tina Brooks

Owner, Peppermaster Foods

Also Available ~ Maintenance Plans

Necessary Updates

Keep your website safe, speedy, and up-to-date with regular updates of the WordPress core, your theme, and plugins.

Complete Backups

Make sure you can recover your site in the event of a disaster.  Regular backups to your Dropbox or Cloud account can give you the peace of mind you need.


Changing or adding content

Replacing or updating images or text on your site keeps the content fresh and up-to-date as your business grows.

Note: These plans are for self-hosted WordPress sites only & some requirements may need to be met to be eligible.