You can order a basic template-based website design by using the links on this page. Once I receive your order, I will contact you to establish your choice of theme, and the details of your website.

If you choose to customize your site, the price will vary according to what additional items you want and how much design customization you require.  Please contact me to discuss your needs.

E-mail accounts are the simplest online presence you can have. Using an e-mail with your own domain rather than an online account such as Hotmail or Gmail, lends credibility to your business. I’ll get up to 3 e-mail accounts set up for your business, and include a basic single web page to give your potential clients your business info.

WordPress (CMS) websites are dynamic and can be editable by anyone, even without technical knowledge. These sites can include informational pages, image galleries, a blog, a contact form, social media links, and more. They also include a back-end administration panel, where the client can edit and update the site.

E-commerce websites are defined as any site where a purchase is made. Some are as simple as a WordPress site with PayPal buttons for visitors to buy products or services. Others can be complete online stores that include all the features of a CMS website, as well as an extensive database where products can be stored and sorted into categories, with descriptions, images, pricing, shipping details, taxes, and more. Customers can be required to create an account if desired, and in the back-end administration panel, the client can edit and update the site, add or delete products, track inventory and sales, keep a list of customers, generate reports, and more.

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