Our Neighbours.

Our Community.

Times are hard and don’t look like they’re going to get much easier soon.

I have many of friends who have their own businesses. And many of those businesses are suffering badly during this ongoing crisis. They are having to make big and often expensive changes to try to stay afloat.

And I also see so many local people who have had to figure out new ways of making ends meet.

Many individuals who before now had part-time side gigs, have turned those side gigs into full-time jobs – they have become entrepreneurs, selling a truly impressive variety of goods and services, from handmade candles or jams and jellies, to cosmetics, to food preparation and delivery.

I see the ads on Facebook for home businesses increasing exponentially.

 I have been supporting local businesses as much as I can with my purchases since COVID started. Amazon and Walmart don’t need my dollars as much as my friends and neighbours do.

And now I’d like to go further than that to do what I can to help local businesses and entrepreneurs get their message out. I normally charge $350 for a one-page brochure style website, but I know most people don’t want to or are not able to afford that right now.

So I have a special offer for local businesses.

A one-page website with a business email and a working contact form, for only $75.