This was my first use of WordPress.

When I went back to College to do an intensive programming course, I decided to keep a blog as a kind of a journal of the experience.

Now, years later, I am reviving it with a new look and a new purpose. Check out the gallery to see what the old site looked like, and how the new one is coming along!

WHAT I DID in 2010

  • created a database and installed WordPress
  • chose and customized a theme
  • wrote blog entries

Honestly, the biggest challenge here was understanding how to create a database and install WordPress.

I didn’t want to use the “one-click install” offered by my hosting; I wanted to understand how WordPress worked, and to do that I needed to start with the very basics.


  • installed a new, responsive theme
  • Created a new logo to go with the new styling
  • customized the theme with new plugins and a lot of custom CSS code
  • Started a brand new set of blog posts, relevant to my target audience of women over 50
  • Updated the SEO of the content
    • using a post planner, set up a calendar for future posts
    • social media: connected to Facebook, Twitter, working on Pinterest, LinkedIn.
    • researched and understand how to effectively use keywords and especially long-tail keywords for local search