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[panel type=”widgets” title=”REQUIREMENTS.” ]

    • Luxury Girl’s Closet is the realization of a dream that the client had to offer gently used, good condition, high quality designer accessories at discounted prices.
    • She wanted something that would reflect her love of designer goods, and make them accessible to a wide market, while at the same time incorporating her own creative vision into the design.
    • She also wanted to make a point of informing her customers about her commitment to giving back and helping those less fortunate, bo9th on a local and on a global level.
    • My job was to create the site and ensure it had the functionality she needed.
    • I also had to arrange it so she could update and edit the site herself once I was done.



[panel type=”widgets” title=”SOLUTIONS” ]

  • I organized hosting for the site
  • I chose an opensource CMS shopping cart paltform for this site, both for ease of use and to remain within the client’s budget.
  • I set up the database and installed and configured the software.
  • I customized a theme, with specific colours, fonts, and layouts dictated by the client.
  • I set up the catalog with categories for the products as specified by the client.
  • I integrated payment, tax, and shiping options.
  • I added several modules to handle specific requirements – for example flat rate shipping – which were not native to the software.



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