Kidz Mpowered

At Kidz Mpowered, Hana Swieca, B.A., helps to empower children and teens to overcome personal challenges and reach their potential. She uses workshops, ongoing programs, and holistic empowerment coaching to achieve great results. Hana wanted a site that would appeal...

Quebec Solar

Quebec Solar offers complete design, installation and support services to individuals or companies who would like to move toward green energy and independence.
They needed a site that was clean, crisp, and fast-loading, exemplifying the type of power they represent.

Doctor W.A. Scott

The word chiropractic originates from the Greek words “cheiros” and “pracktos,” which translates to “done by hand”. Since the first known adjustment was performed in 1895, chiropractic has been helping to change people’s lives in many positive ways!

Megan Garrett

Megan Garrett is an Aide Linguistique, who works with clients who want to become more at ease speaking a second language.

She wanted a site that would project professionalism, while at the same time reflecting a sense of calm confidence.