Our Neighbours.

Our Community.

I’m sure we all have lots of friends who have their own businesses. And many of those businesses are suffering badly during this ongoing crisis.

Personally, I’m planning on local as much as possible from friend’s pages and websites this year! I don’t want to give my money to places that are already wealthy – I would prefer to buy local as opposed to big chains. It’s a great way to help local businesses stay in business during this pandemic (and I know I’ll get the very best customer service!).

And as well as shopping local, I’m going to try as hard as I can to help local businesses advertise online with a new offer – a COVID SPECIAL WEBSITE for your business.

The best compliment is a referral, and word of mouth is HUGE, so let me help you bring your businesses to others!

Keep it local!!! Help family and friends!

Special COVID 19 Offer
for Local Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Step #1 - Domain name

Every website needs a domain name, and choosing one can be a little tricky. Sometimes the one you want is already taken.

If you can’t get the domain name that is “yourbusiness.com”, don’t worry. I will help you to find a domain name that reflects your business and clearly lets people know what you are offering. 

You can buy a domain name from anywhere that sells them.
If you want to keep all your website tools in one place, Siteground also offers domain registration. They are a little more expensive, but an extra 3 or 4 dollars for a year can be worth the convenience. And SiteGround has amazing customer service.

Here are a few others that I have worked with:

Step#2 - Hosting

Good hosting is very important. It can make all the difference between people seeing your site or leaving in frustration because it is loading too slowly.

I use SiteGround for my hosting – I trust it to be fast, efficient, and they have exceptional customer service.  If you want to try it out, I will host your site for 3 months, for free, on my account at firstthingsfirst.ca. Your website will be addressed as yourdomain.firstthingsfirst.ca You can see an example here:

Or if you prefer not to have your domain on my account, they have a sale on right now that will cost you only $6.95 USD for a year. If you decide to host for a full year with SiteGround, please use my link to sign up  Click Here  and I will get a small affiliate fee from them, at no additional cost to you.

Please note: If you want to use a different host, that;s fine. But please note – I will not work with GoDaddy. I have encountered too many problems with them in the past.

Step#3 - Your Site

This is the best part of this deal.
I can’t give you discounts on domains or hosting, but I am offering you a 1-page site, using one of the templates you can find here. for only $125. 

I’ll  use your existing branding, logo, and colours, and there will be a working contact form.

Your page will have all of the information that you want people to know about your business, be it a service or a tangible product.
You’ll provide the text for the page, and can include up to 6 images.

There will also be links to all of your social media.

Please note: this is not a full-fledged e-commerce site, you will not be able to sell directly from this page.


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