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Feast or famine

So in my last post I explained why I don’t use a “funnel”.

In this one I will explain the result – that is the “feast or famine” income rollercoaster that I have been riding since I started this business.

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Wow, I have a niche!

I really excited! I have a niche! I discovered this wonderful fact while doing some analysis of my business practices to try to figure out how to improve my cash flow. I dislike doing "business stuff" and usually don't much care for the answers I come up with, but...

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I want to say “Thank you”

I want to publicly thank all my clients who were patient and stuck with me while I was having such trouble with my computers. Not all of them did, I lost one long-time client, and was sorry to see them go. But every single one of my other clients stood by me and were...

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Under pressure

I try to learn something every day. Some lessons need repeating until I finally get it.

The lesson I’m struggling with right now is “never let a client rush your work”.

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Blogging for businesses

So my last post was abut content marketing, and one of the main avenues for that is by blogging. But blogging can be a two-edged sword. On the one hand, it is a great way to keep content fresh and encourage frequent visits from the search engine bots. On the other...

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How you can remember ALL of your passwords!

I manage a lot of sites – some my own, some for my clients. And the one thing they all have in common is that they require a password to allow me to get in to the administration area.

How can I possibly remember that many passwords, let alone which one goes with which site?
I’ll tell you how.

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My resolution solution

Many people make New Year’s resolutions, only to falter and fail long before the year is out.
I have decided to carry on my tradition of making at least one resolution I know I will be able to keep.
Last year I resolved not to climb Mount Everest, and I was spectacularly successful.

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