My name is M.A.Bell


I love the work I do.


I love that my clients love it too.

My Story

As the founder and owner of Digital Insite, this is where I get to tell you what my qualifications and skills are. It’s been an interesting journey getting here!

Take a solid background in design and add to that ongoing courses in programming and Web Technology, as well as over 20 years experience in creating websites, and here I am – ready to put all that to work for you!

I have an eclectic background in formal post-secondary education, starting with two years of college in a Liberal Arts program. That was followed a few years later by a two-year Visual Arts program at Holland College in P.E.I., and later still, by Fine Arts at Queen’s University in Ontario.

As I became more and more intrigued by computers, and more specifically the Web, I created my first website in 1996, for my daughter’s Elementary school, and I was hooked. Here was a way to combine my College and University Art training with my love of computers.

But I knew I needed more training, specifically in coding languages, so I went back to College and obtained an AEC in Web Technology. And I continue to take courses at both at John Abbott College and Dawson College, to expand my programming skills.

This combination of formal design training, a lifetime of widely varying work experiences, entrepreneurship, and a love of challenge have put me in a unique position to combine the concepts of design and function. This, in turn, enables me to create innovative and visually appealing websites, which are at the same time uniquely targeted, user-friendly, and precisely functional.

This is, for me, more than a job – it is a passion.